Valet Parking

Valet Parking

Hospital Valet Services | Healthcare Parking

Valet parking is the core of FC Health’s operation and represents about 70% of our current operation. We have extensive experience managing hospital valet parking operations— big and small. In addition to improving patient flow, we continually strive to increase patient satisfaction with your facility. Arrival at a healthcare facility can be intimidating and scary, and we work to put guests at ease.

FC Healthcare Parking Provides:

  • A warm welcome and way finding to ensure guests are in the right place
  • Vehicle exit assistance: open doors and assist with mobility aids
  • Text/call-in or traditional vehicle retrieval; option to return vehicles to alternate entrances
  • Vehicle re-entry assistance: open doors and assist with mobility aids

Our valets carry the title of “hospitality professionals.” Their job doesn’t start and stop at parking vehicles — they are trained to assist with all aspects of hospitality and guest service.

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