Reduce Costs

Reduce Costs
    • By staffing efficiently, we consistently save our clients money; we use part-time staff to fill peak-hour shifts and reduce overall FTE (full-time equivalent) numbers
    • Adaptive staffing provides a mix of full- and part-time staff; as volume fluctuates, we easily adjust staffing levels without the burden of overtime; labor assistance for special events and peak times is available from other sites
    • FC Health ensures that staffing mirrors demand; area managers and working supervisors help spread management costs over accounts where a dedicated site manager is not necessary
    • Real-time program activity tracking and electronic time/attendance monitoring mean that you pay only for hours worked; fingerprint time clocks and an automated hour logging system ensure that hours billed exactly reflect physical hours worked
    • Our attendants are trained to be knowledgeable about risk management and they have the tools to identify and prevent situations with risk exposure
    • We are vigilant about property loss and prevention; FC Health attendants identify problems in parking areas and implement specially designed padding, speed control devices and signage to prevent vehicle damage
    • Vehicle keys are secured at all times in a locked podium to decrease your potential risk and liability
    • Productivity is improved through the collection and analysis of data and reports such as the Cost per Car Parked (CCP) and Cars Parked per Hours Worked (CPHW)

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