Recruiting & Training

Recruiting & Training

It all starts with finding the right people. FC recruiting screens hundreds of applications weekly to identify candidates that possess the intangible qualities of hard work, compassion and integrity. We train candidates on the operational aspects of their positions. We can train people to park cars, we can’t train them to care.

We dedicate a significant portion of our resources to recruiting, training and development of our team members. Employee selection will incorporate mostly members of our existing staff and some new staff* that meet our stringent standards and are successful through our training and on-boarding process.

Screening & Compliance

FC Health maintains files on all current employees. All compliance information is stored securely in an employee’s file along with any documentation of policy infractions, a copy of their valid driver’s license.

Employee Retention

  • Industry Leading Pay Rates
  • Benefits – 401K and Healthcare

We pay our valet attendants a higher hourly rate than is typical for valet operations. This is a critical point, since the quality of any service program depends on the quality of the employees.

We offer healthcare and 401K with matching to ALL employees, not just our management team.

  • ICARE Award Performance Bonuses

Employees who receive exceptional feedback from our clients are rewarded with our ICARE award. Their prize for exemplifying our core values is an ICARE polo shirt and a $50-$150 bonus.

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