Increase Safety

Increase Safety
    • All potential employees undergo a rigorous screening process that includes multiple interviews, reference checks, a motor vehicle report, criminal background check, a five-panel drug screen and a challenging driving test
    • Attendants are trained to put safety first through our vehicle safety training course and driving test, practical instruction on lifting and moving mobility-limited guests, threat awareness and more
    • At FC Health, we have a zero tolerance for reckless driving; evidence of reckless driving results in immediate and automatic termination
    • Healthcare workplace training includes proper techniques for lifting and moving patients, compliance with HIPAA and accreditation and certification standards, body substance isolation training, and more
    • Attendants focus whenever possible on patients and guests entering and exiting facilities to assist with mobility and prevent falls; we also work to maintain clean and safe entrances
    • We develop awareness of and procedures for situations involving hospital codes; our attendants are trained on the meaning of the codes and how to handle specific situations
    • Our driver service can be utilized for patients who are unable to drive home following a medical procedure; our attendant drives the guest home in his vehicle while our vehicle follows for the driver’s return trip
    • We offer flat-tire inflation and jump-starts using a portable professional-grade jumper pack

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